Playgroup(CBSE Pattern)

This is first step of child who is entering the world. So, they need lot of care and attention which is taken care at Blossoms. Children need to learn and understand about themselves and the world around them and this is an appropriate age where grasping is maximum. When the child is provided with appropriate stimulus, the desired response is elicited. 

Our program helps them to develop confidence and to face challenges in the external world leading to creative, emotional, physical and social development of the child in a friendly and safe environment.

Age - 2.5 to 3.5 years
Time - 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Nursery(CBSE Pattern)

Nursery is a little step ahead where writing skills are introduced.

Syllabus is designed to allow 3 year old to learn through play-way method while encouraging individual interests.

Initially this program contains pattern writing that helps the child improve his hand-eye coordination.

The year starts by practicing various patterns with proper grip. Eventualy they learn to write A-Z and 1 to 10.

Along with this, development of other skills is also catered here.

Age - 3 to 4 years
Time - 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Jr. Kg.(CBSE Pattern)​

These toddlers start learning everything in detail in every aspect.

We always srtive to maintain interest by various methods of teaching like group activities, story telling and many more.

Writing and reading becomes integral part of Preschoolers. We focus on hands on experience for the kids for various projects for better understanding of concepts.

We prepare them as independent individuals for their day to day activities.

Age - 4 to 5 years
Time - 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Sr. kg. (CBSE Pattern)​

At this age, children’s curious personality and versatility is ready to be molded into the fine citizens of tomorrow.

This program helps them understand the why’s and how’s of various concepts covered through the curriculum.

They are given ample exploration and experimentation time to help them prepare for academics.

Confidence building takes place by grooming child for further schooling, so children are conditioning

Age - 5 to 6 years
Time - 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Daycare(After School Activity)​

We believe in the development of an individual curriculum for each child based on the child’s needs, talents, abilities, and interests.

Monthly themes are planned that provide a variety of daily focused experiences to develop social values like sharing, caring & helping through group activities like role play, dramatization & stories.

Different competitions and games are held to foster language development.

Activities to Create awareness about sustainability of environment takes place.

Activities are planned for Expressing emotions and foster values and good manners.

Various Life skill activities are taken to make children Self-reliant and responsible individual.

6 months onwards
Time - 9:00 am to 07:00 pm

Activities for Daycare​

Focus on overall of development of the child.

Indoor activities helps in development of language, finer motor skills, socialization, sharing, taking turns, etc.

Outdoor games for gross motor skill development, special ability, activation of left and right brain exercises, shlok recitation and many more.

Circle time which helps the children to learn to share.

Dramatization through stories, flash cards, puppets and much more is conducted for better understanding and practical learning.